Data Oruwari | TERRORISM SUCKS!!!
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– Personal Project/ Digital Strategy –


Really… it does. This is the news I woke up to. That an estimated number of 2000 innocent lives were stolen. It was hurtful in itself that so may lives were lost to this attack, but what hurt the most was how the Nigerian government and media responded to the issue. Rather than act fast to save survivors or seek out a way to bring justice, they responded by contesting the number of people that were killed. In the same vein, the government and media were sharing sympathy for the Paris terror attacks rather than the immediate massacre within their own borders.


I may have been far from home….. but I wasn’t far from the issue going on. I wasn’t equipped to take out terrorists, but I felt I was equipped with all I had learnt at the Brandcenter to at least raise awareness about the issue.


The dead were being treated as numbers… not as lost lives.

The government made no plans for a decent burial and no one was mourning them. The media was not telling stories of the families gone forever. We had no idea who they were. They were spoken about only as a contested number.


Put a face to the number

I hoped that by making the number human and tangible, i could raise awareness that it matters not ‘how many people’ died, but that ‘People’ died.



By creating a virtual monument to honor the lives lost.

This was a not only a way to create an avenue for people all over the world to pay tribute to these lives, but also foster participation in a symbolic way. A way that each person who contributed stood in place of someone who had died.


A virtual monument was created at Concerned persons were invited through Instagram to post a black and white picture, a tribute, and also include the hashtag #2000voicesfor2000lives. Their posts were manually added to the website. The idea was inspired by work done by AKQA for XBOX where people from all over the world were given the opportunity to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of Planet Reach in the video game Halo. [Halo Reach]